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Our mattresses are all high frequency welded (no stitching), wrapped in a vapour permeable, polyurethane (PU) cover. Pavillion Medical takes the view that in mattress development, overall performance is generally determined by three properties; comfort, support and durability. Proper application of a flexible PU cover combined with a high-visc foam mattress can contribute to each of these properties, whilst providing the benefits of a sleeping surface that exactly contours to individual body shape, with excellent recovery capabilities.

Other benefits added are that foam is also noiseless, dustless and does not crumble or powder. It has no residual odour, will not aggrevate common allergies, and with the PU cover combined with the mattresses open cell air structure it allows the cushioning material to breathe, circulating air within the mattress during use. Our mattresses can be cut to specific requirements to meet your needs. 


The Mattress

  • Available in standard 5 inch or 7 inch thickness (thickness can vary dependent upon your needs)
  • Mattress can be either high frequency welded (no stiching) or zipped. 
  • Different colours available; Navy Blue, Cream or White (other colours availble upon request


These products can be purchased individually or in volume (volume discounts will apply, please enquire for further details).