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Equipment Rentals




We have a number of short term and long term rental agreements to give you flexibility with the equipment you need and when you need it.  You have access to all of the products within the Pavillion Medical range as well as the technical and service support to provide you with peace of mind. You tell us what you need and when you need it and we take care of everything else.  


All our prices include delivery, set up and collection.


Pavillion Medical products are designed to provide patients with equipment to aid clinical outcomes, and provide carers with equipment to access and care for patients in a controlled way, maintaining optimum patient dignity.


Contact us now for your rental requirements and we can provide you with products and solutions that meet your needs.

Pavillion Medical (UK) Limited are holders of Master Indemnity Agreement reference numbers; IFA645 and IFB645. These numbers are required for the loan of medical equipment to the NHS.