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A new design of motorised drip stand/IV pole that offers an ergonomic loading height which circumvents potential health & safety risks of existing manually adjustable models. This product contributes to the prevention of acute/chronic back and shoulder injuries suffered by nursing and care staff. 

The motorised drip stand/IV pole takes away the strain of lifting heavy fluid containers above shoulder height as the stand can be lowered to safe loading height which will require minimum effort to attach the containers. From that point the nursing/carer staff can then raise the fluid containers to the desired height at the touch of a button.

The motorised drip stand/IV pole can be moved and relocated with ease with the aid of the stable 5 point base of support set on castors (fitted with brakes).

It is a simple easy to operate powered drip stand.

Clinical engineers and technologists of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have designed a product which provides a safe method to elevate drip bags where a high gravity-fed flow rate of fluid delivery is required.


  • Electronically adjustable for easy loading and positioning
  • Stable 5 point base of support
  • Set on castors for safe and easy movement
  • CE Marked



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